As the name suggests "" is about putting you in the best surf destinations on the planet for the smallest possible price.

Kuda Laut

The cheapest Mentawai option that we have come across!
Despite being the least expensive Mentawai option the Kuda Laut still has all the basics that a required for an epic surf trip. These include: 3 square meals a day plus snacks, water and other refreshments (including purcari sweat), a chef, an engineer, an [...]

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Planet Surf Charters

Surf and Sail Charter Boat tours of the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
The consistency of the surf in the Sumateran area of Indonesian guarantees you will get some epic, world class waves on your charter. Planet Surf and her crew will provide you with the perfect way to experience these islands and [...]

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Rarotonga is the centre of the Cook Islands, it is 32 km in circumference and is dominated by mountain peaks which rise to 653m above sea level. Beautiful lush rain forests provide a dramatic backdrop to a palm-fringed shore. The island is almost completely encircled by reef, this harbours the island [...]

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